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Information: Santa Rosa Tattoo is located in Santa Rosa, California. Santa Rosa Tattoo is the premier provider of all your tattoo needs. Santa Rosa Tattoo takes pride in the work that we do. We make sure that every tattoo we do comes out looking fantastic. We are the best tattoo shop around. Our cover up tattoo service is second to none. Santa Rosa Tattoo is certain that we can exceed your expectations.

Santa Rosa Tattoo specializes in all types of tattoos including black and grey tattoos, classic tattoos and script tattoos. Santa Rosa Tattoo employs some of the best tattoo artists in the local area. If you are looking to get a tattoo then Santa Rosa Tattoo is your go to source. You won't be able to find a shop with better tattoo artists.

If you are looking to get a tattoo to commemorate one of your favorite things in this world then we are your go to source. We have tattoo artists that are able to do various types of tattoos. We can do plain, full color or pure writing. We are here to ensure that you get your tattoo needs met. If you need a portrait tattoo to commemorate one of your favorite people then stop by our shop. Santa Rosa Tattoo looks forward to helping you get your dream tattoo. Learn More

Service Areas:

  • Santa Rosa
  • Petaluma
  • Windsor
  • Rohnert Park
  • Sebastopol